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California Arbequina (Medium)


Crush Date: October 2022

Tasting Notes:

This year's California Arbequina was harvested from groves in the Capay Valley and produced by the master millers at Boundary Bend Estate. It contains savory middle herb notes of artichoke and tarragon with fleeting pepperiness. 

Although high in phenols for a mild intensity oil, this Arbequina maintains a light flavor while offering a mid-range phenol count!

Product ships in dark glass bottles, clear glass was used in the photo to show color.

Intensity:  Medium

Country of Origin: US (California)

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 4.5
Bitterness: 3.0
Pungency: 3.0


*Polyphenols:    352.8 ppm
FFA:    0.19
Oleic Acid:   63.89
Peroxide:    7.47
DAGs:    93.4
*PPP: <  0.7
Squalene: 1,842.5

* As measured at the time of crush

Not sure what these numbers mean?  Learn more about Olive Oil Chemistry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J Shuey
California Arbequina (Medium)

Love, love, love it! We don't live near GA but have it shipped to us and receive it quickly. The olive oil and balsamic vinegars are amazing.

Love this place

I am from out of town and look forward to each visit knowing I’ll get to stop by this fantastic shop. The EVOO is the freshest available and the Balsamic vinegars are exquisite. The prices are very reasonable. Buying EVOO on line or in grocery stores when this shop is within reach makes no sense to me. I like being able to taste before I buy. Also, the service is always welcoming and helpful. Highly recommend!!!