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California Mission (Robust)


Tasting Notes:

This small batch California Mission was harvested from groves in the Capay Valley and produced by the master millers at Boundary Bend Estate. It displays notes of green tea, almond and endive with some astringency and bitterness. Mission is almost exclusively found in California and has a loyal following.

Product ships in dark glass bottles, clear glass used in photo to show color.

Crush Date: October 2022

Intensity:  Robust

Country of Origin: USA (California)

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 6.0
Bitterness: 4.0
Pungency: 3.8


*Polyphenols:    371.4 ppm
FFA:    0.14
Oleic Acid:    72.87
Peroxide:    7.24
DAGs:    97.1
*PPP: <  0.7
Squalene:  4,012.0

* As measured at the time of crush

Not sure what these numbers mean?  Learn more about Olive Oil Chemistry.

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