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Maxim's De Paris Nougats Gift Box


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The French "nougat", a traditional Frenchy confectionery made in Provence, is the result of a delicious blend of almonds, pistachios, honey, egg, and sugar.  Enjoy the gourmet pleasure of vanilla in the white nougat, the typical savor of pistachio in the green nougat, and the delicacy of raspberry in the pink nougat.

Customer Reviews

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Marie Denis
Special treat

I loved the Maxim's De Paris Nougats !! The only thing wrong is they were "expired" but I ate them anyway. The candy was well packaged and looked just fine. My daughter took the 2nd box away from me because I'm diabetic and she didn't want me to eat it and have my blood sugar get too high. There weren't too many candies in the box anyway. lol Great product.