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Melgarejo Picual (Medium)


Crush Date: November 2020

Tasting Notes:

This beautifully balanced Spanish Picual has prominent notes of tomato leaf and stone fruit with a creamy center, lingering pepper, and an astringent finish. Visually stunning and complex in flavor.

Intensity:  Medium

Country of Origin: Spain

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 6.0
Bitterness: 3.5
Pungency: 4.3


*Polyphenols:    291.1ppm
FFA:    0.14
Oleic Acid:   74.9
Peroxide:    4.4
DAGs:    97.5
*PPP: <  1.0

* As measured at the time of crush

Not sure what these numbers mean?  Learn more about Olive Oil Chemistry.