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Peruvian Estate Reserve (Robust)


Tasting Notes:

Our Peruvian Reserve is a single estate crush made from Barnea, Arbequina, Coratina and Kalamata olives. It has a creamy mouth feel, green apple notes and displays both floral and leafy green vegetal flavors.

Product ships in dark glass bottles, clear glass was used in the photo to show color.

Crush Date: March 2023

Intensity:  Robust

Country of Origin: Peru

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness: 4.5
Bitterness: 3.2
Pungency: 4.0


*Polyphenols:    543.23 ppm
FFA:    0.20
Oleic Acid:    67.52
Peroxide:    6.19
DAGs:    95.8
*PPP: 1.3
Squalene:  3,211.20
A-Tocopherols: 283.1

* As measured at the time of crush

Not sure what these numbers mean?  Learn more about Olive Oil Chemistry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christina Mullenax

It's is good, I just prefer a MORE robust flavor. Will be excited when chetoi, however you spell it. Is back in stock. The company is phenomenal btw. Love the guest service!

Corey Powell
An all around Winner!

The Peruvian estate reserve evoo is imo everything that a great olive oil can be. Deliciously aromatic, fresh, deeply green with a superior satisfying initial taste then a wonderful peppery finish. Its fruity fresh and Deliciously satisfying. It is undeniably good with an extremely modest price.