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Portuguese Koroneiki (Medium)


Crush Date: October 2023

Tasting Notes:

Our first ever Portuguese limited Koroneiki is a small batch production. It displays a creamy mouth feel with some berry notes and pepperiness. 

Our partner producer in Portugal is using a high vacuum during malaxation to remove all of the oxygen in this processing stage where the oil spends the most time and is most prone to oxidation. This cutting edge and very technical method preserves the phenolic content, the overall chemistry plus the flavor characteristics while reducing other oxidation markers.

Product ships in dark glass bottles, clear glass was used in the photo to show color.

Note that reviews may be for prior years' harvest.  Varietals from the same region are very similar year-to-year.

Intensity:  Medium

Country of Origin: Portugal

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
Fruitiness:  5.1
Bitterness:  5.1
Pungency:  5.0


*Polyphenols:    469.21 ppm
FFA:    0.14
Oleic Acid:   76.34
Peroxide:    2.72
DAGs:    95.9
*PPP: 1.1
Squalene:  2,577
A-Tocopherols:  303

* As measured at the time of crush

Not sure what these numbers mean?  Learn more about Olive Oil Chemistry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
John Hembree
Olive Oil Review

Well pleased. Will be back for more.
Glad to have a local store with high grade olive oil.