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A-Premium Dark Balsamic Vinegar


Made with White Trebbiano Grape Must, our Premium Dark balsamic vinegar undergoes the cooking and barrel-aging process known as the Solera method and is caramelized in copper kettles over an open wood fire. The grape is then aged in a variety of wood barrels which are charred on the interior to add character and additional color during the aging process. The result is complex, yet tart, vinegar with a touch of sweetness, subtle dried fruit characteristics, and 6% acidity. This vinegar is extremely versatile and will appeal to those of us who like our vinegars tart.

Olive Oil Pairing Recommendations: Any of our Premium extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs), any of our Fused and Infused olive oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Carole Vandenberg
Great balsamic, used daily in our home

Delicious balsamic, put on my daily salad with olive oil and an Italian spice mix, all from this shop. Plus use for recipes, etc. Less sugar than many other brands, but still better tasting, so it’s a total win of a find for us!

Suzin Zimble
Dark Balsamic Vinegar

The dark balsamic vinegar was better than I could imagine. Great in salads
And definitely in a marinade for pork or chicken. Will e using it more

A-Premium Dark Balsamic

So tasty you could drink it straight.