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Olive Basket Rewards Program

Create an Account:

The Olive Basket is NOT in the business of selling information.  We sell quality oils, vinegars, and other food products.  We'll NEVER sell your information, and will only use it for marketing our own products or to contact you in reference to an order.

And, as you will see, we don't collect much!

  1. Click on the "person" icon in the upper right (next to the shopping cart)
  2. Click on the "New customer? Sign up for an account" link
  3. Enter your name, email address, and password and click on the "Create" button
  4. That's it!  Also, you just earned 250 points!

Earn Points!

There are several ways to earn points in our Rewards program:

  1. Purchases: every dollar you spend at The Olive Basket (online or in the store), is worth 5 points!
  2. Creating an Account: for creating an account, we will award you 250 points!
  3. Social Media: "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for 100 points (each)!
  4. Submit a Product Review:  We know you love our products, and we'd love for you to share your opinions on our site!  In fact, we'll give you 250 points for each review!
  5. Have a Birthday:  Eating healthy is a good thing to do, and it helps you make another trip around the sun!  When you do, you'll have another 500 points added to your account!  Note, you'll have to add your birthday to the Rewards widget for the birthday points!

You can find more information about earning points (and everything about our rewards program) by clicking on the "Rewards" button in the lower right corner and clicking on "Ways to earn".

Or, click here.

Redeem Points

Redeeming points couldn't be simpler!  Each 100 points is worth $1 off your order (online and in the store)! 

To redeem points, simply log into the site, then (skip to step 3 by clicking here):

  1. Click on the Rewards button
  2. Click on "Ways to redeem"
  3. Click on "Redeem"
  4. Choose how many points you wish to redeem and click the "Redeem" button
  5. Copy the discount code, or apply it to your order immediately!