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Self-Closing Spout


Using a fitted stopper and pourer for your oils and balsamics helps keep your products fresh and gives you an easier way for dispensing and measuring product.  They also help save money by helping you use only as much oil or vinegar as you need!  Resuable.

NOTE: This spout is designed to fit our 200ml, 375ml, and 750ml bottles. These DO NOT fit our 60ml (gift set size) bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alvis Cooper
The Best

The best I ever had. The best of
Closing spout I ever had.

Shannon Stearns

Makes pouring oul easy

Satisfied Customer
Self Closing Spout

I definitely believe everyone should get one of these because the shape of the spout enables precision pouring without wasting a drop and the self close flap works perfectly on its own ... no need to coax it along. It's a good accessory for a good olive oil. ❤

Robert Brown
Too early

Too early to review. New to taking olive oil for health. Will get back with you later.

Sharon Wader
I love it.

Simply tip it, pour it and it closes when you turn it upright. No runs or drips down the side. I think I need a couple more. I love infused olive oil on my plant based meats but get tired of the same thing. So I'm grabbing some oil and a couple more self closing spouts.