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Persian Lime Infused Olive Oil


Sweet Persian limes and late harvest Tunisian Chemali olives are crushed together to create a fusion of flavors that is far superior to blended olive oils.

Notes: Sweet but subtle flavors with fragrant citrus character will make fish, fowl and salads taste amazing. Outstanding when paired with our Honey Ginger White Balsamic vinegar.

Vinegar Pairing Recommendations: Traditional 18-Year, Black Cherry, Black Currant, Blackberry-Ginger, Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Pear, Raspberry, Tangerine, Red Apple, Strawberry, Tahitian Tahitian Vanilla, Fig, Coconut, Honey-Ginger, Grapefruit, Peach, Pineapple, Tangerine, Lemongrass-Mint, Mango, Oregano, Sicilian Lemon, A-Premium, Sherry Reserva

Made from premium, ultra fresh, extra virgin olive oil with 100% natural flavor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
S. C. W.
Flavor Boost to Salads

We use this oil paired with just about any of the fruit vinegars to season our salads. Can't say how many times we have gotten compliments serving this oil combined with the blueberry vinegar, served over salads topped with berries, fresh feta and pistachio. If I had to buy one oil for salads, this would be it!

Ruth C Wilson
a pantry staple!

We use this olive oil for everything! It pairs well with the Sicilian lemon vinegar. We often will marinate fish or chicken in the vinegar, then pan sear it in the oil, and it is fantastic! Makes a nice citrusy salad dressing too!

Great tasting olive oil

Great on fish, in salad and just delicious!

Pat the picky purchaser

I live in North Broward County, which is apparently the epicenter of the olive oil/balsamic vinegar wasteland. I looked into having bottles shipped in from other states but the shipping was exorbitant…along with the prices. Then I found The Olive Basket. They had all my favorite flavors and the quality was at least as good as I was purchasing from the now defunct brick and mortar store. I am so glad to have finally found you. My brother was getting tired of delivering a year’s worth of olive oils and balsamics on his yearly trip down from Peoria. Yay!!!


Love it!