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Delizia Sweet Garlic Cloves



Sweet Garlic Cloves from Delizia!  Tired of your garlic going bad before you use it?  Keep these in your refrigerator so you always have delicious garlic cloves on hand and ready to use.  Delizia is known for their quality olives, and their garlic is no different!

Product of Spain

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Loren Mark
These are excellent!

Really a treat to have. Use with salads, cooked veggies, even a cocktail! ENJOY!!

Sweet Garlic

I have bought this product before and it has been great but this time it is far too salty - not like what I had before!

Gary Gaston

The best I have had.

Charlene Napolitano
Clove overview

The first time I had the sweet garlic cloves, it was from Italy. It was in an oil base instead of vinegar. I much prefer the oil base, but it doesn't look like its available in the United States.
Nonetheless, the benefits of the sweet garlic cloves are great!

Teri Rojas
Sweet Garlic

We have just started exploring these wonderful products, and are extremely pleased with the quality and variety of flavors! To top that, their customer service is outstanding and quick delivery! We can't wait to sample more of their products and definitely reorder our favorites! If you haven’t tried the sweet garlic I highly recommend it.