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Fused Greek Leek


A high concentration of fresh cut leek cold fused with early green Koroneiki olives is really the only way to preserve the full flavor of both the leek and the Koroneiki. This fused herb olive oil is robust and highly aromatic with a sweet oniony flavor and savory garlic notes.

Perfect with poultry or served on a cheese board with prosciutto and bread. Spectacular drizzled over soup, sautéed vegetables and over roasted potatoes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nancy Andrews

Fused Greek Leek

Hilda Drum
Leek Olive

Great flavor, use it in my veggies, rice, salmon.

Ruth C Wilson

This is delicious -- I love leeks anyway, and the subtle leek flavor makes it so great to cook with! My favorite thing to do with this, however, is to pour a little on a plate, add a couple of drops of Sicilian Lemon white vinegar, sprinkle on some dried herbs (the Herbs de Province is my go-to lately) and dredge some crusty French or Italian bread through it. Tastes like a fancy restaurant!