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Jalapeño Fused Olive Oil


Our South Australian Jalapeno fused olive oil is both fruity and spicy. It’s made by combining fresh green, early harvest Frantoio olives with a large portion of FRESH Jalapeno peppers! At harvest we used double the volume of peppers than we traditionally do to really maximize the flavor.

These two fresh ingredients are simply crushed together and mixed in a malaxer which releases and combines the green essential oil of the fresh peppers with the olive oil. The resulting marriage boasts lingering spiciness, slightly bitter pleasing green vegetal notes and a vibrant zing from capsaicin.

Our Jalapeno fused olive oil adds a savory, tantalizing kick to salsas, marinades, soups, grilled foods, vegetables and more. Caution: hot!!

Product of Australia

All Natural.

No artificial flavors or additional ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Marie Denis
Jalapeno thoughts

I bought a sample bottle to try because I'm not one who likes hot or spicy stuff. I used a little bit (half teaspoon) when making my chicken stew with veggies - and it wasn't too bad. Next time I'll use a little bit more (one teaspoon). I like all of the products I've purchased from Olive Basket. I can buy with trust and confidence knowing that I've been satisfied with all products so far.