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Lucky Bee Whipped Honey

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We are so excited to carry honey from Lucky Bee Farms!  Produced in Athens, GA, this honey cannot be beat!

Whipped Honey is honey that has been partially crystalized, producing a smooth, spreadable texture that is easy to use, doesn't get everywhere, and retains the deliciousness of the pure honey produced by Lucky Bee in Athens, GA.

Three varieties available:

Original Whipped is pure local honey that has been whipped into a delicious spread
Chocolate Whipped is pure local honey mixed with cocoa powder and then whipped
Cinnamon Whipped is pure local honey mixed with cinnamon and then whipped

All three flavors are nothing short of amazing! 

Whipped Honey must remain cool (but not cold) or it will de-crystallize.  Not recommended for shipping in warmer months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brenda Paulk
Favorite of Mine

Stopped in the first time because I saw "Local Honey" sign in the window. I have also purchased their spaghetti sauce and pasta several times. Each time I go in I like to try something different. Last time I purchased a bag of grits. But haven't tried yet. Waiting for a cool morning.

Sonia Soltaninia
Great product

Fantastic customer service