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Olive Oil Body Wash


We have known for centuries (millinnia even!) that olive oil is great for your skin!  Why not treat your skin with olive oil's healing properties every day with an olive oil body wash?

We offer two amazing options:  Rose Geranium and Citrus Bloom!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janet Smaldon
Cleansing Nourishment

❤️ their hand cream as well

Sally Short
Love the products

Have used the shampoo and conditioner for almost a year and find it perfect for cleaning and softening my hair. Just started using the body wash and find it perfect for cleaning and not drying out my skin. Only problem I have is the pumps are as likely to work as not. Half of the six bottles I have had did not have functioning pumps. Can still use the products but the pumps are useful to provide better control of the amount dispensed.

Karin Farrin
Olive Oil Body Wash Rose Scented

I'm really enjoying the body wash. I love the feel and the scent of Rose Geranium.

Best. Body Wash. Ever.

I keep coming back for this body wash. The store I normally get it from was out and so thankful to find it here! The scent (Citrus Bloom) is amazing, as is the feeling of your skin after using this product. I made sample bottles for 4 friends and am now getting texts back on how much they love this product, too. And, don't be swayed away: the bottles were wrapped perfectly, and with no spillage. I'll keep coming back!

Eloise Wenz

My order was a real mess. The three bottles I ordered were damaged because of poor packaging. The product spilled out of the bottles and only one bottle contained enough soap for a few showers. I know that actual prosuct is great but what a mess.