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The Vino Vinegar 4 Pack

$20.00 $24.00

A collection of 4 wine vinegars, this set contains:

    • Organic Red Wine Vinegar - made from organically grown Italian red wine grapes and aged for more than 10 years in white oak barrels.
    • Pinot Noir Wine Vinegar -
  • Woody and spicy on the nose, our deep ruby red, barrel aged pinot noir vinegar is robust and rich.
  • Champagne Wine Vinegar - From the Champagne region in France, this vinegar never undergoes pasteurization, which gives it a lovely, rich base. 
  • Spanish Sherry Wine Vinegar - From Jerez, Spain and made in the traditional Solera system, our Sherry Reserva 25 year aged Wine Vinegar has a true sherry flavor that can only come from cask-aging.

Each sampler bottle is 60ml, or about 2 fluid ounces.