The Dark Balsamics 4 Pack

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Dark Balsamic vinegar must be made in the region around Modena, Italy and ours is made in Modena using grape must from Italian grapes. 

Balsamic vinegar undergoes cooking and caramelizing in copper kettles over an open wood fire before being aged in the Solera System. Varietal wood barrels of the Solera System are charred on the interior to add character & complexity while deepening the color during the aging process.

This set includes 4 of our top selling Dark Balsamics:

  • A-Premium - An unflavored, authentic balsamic vinegar of Modena
  • Dark Chocolate - infused with 3 different chocolates for complex flavor
  • Raspberry - infused with Raspberry, excellent on desserts
  • Blackberry Ginger - excellent on salads, in marinades, or in a cool refreshing shrub