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Hickory King Grits

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High quality, stone-ground grits, the staple of any southern breakfast!

From the producer:

Hickory King is an heirloom yellow corn developed in Appalachia in the 1800s. With our modern stone grist mill, grits are ground fresh daily.

Check out our recipe for True Southern Grits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Karen Walker
Good Grits

I have been looking for coarse ground grits so was very happy to find this product. The grits were great. These were yellow grits. I wish there had been white available as that's my preference.

Stone ground grits

I'm still trying different recipes to make cheese grits like I had in a restaurant. I like the flavor of these grits better than the stuff in the grocery store for sure. Good price for a quality product.

Rebekah Mosby
Never liked grits, until now

These have great texture and are much more flavorful than those white ones in the cardboard tub that my husband eats. I poured them on top of a slice of pepper jack cheese and they were delicious.